The Origin Story of the Creation Justice Tips

The idea came fully formed in the middle of the night! (I tend to pay attention to those.) Why not? It’s simple. Somebody should send out tips every month for churches to use in their church bulletins or newsletters, so they can get creation care and environmental justice in front of the people who sit in the pews.

The idea wouldn’t let me go. I took it to the Creation Care Summit in Nashville in July, 2019. Good idea, they agreed. Somebody should do that. I took the idea to United Methodist Communications. Good idea, they also agreed. Somebody should do that. I took it to my EarthKeepers training from Global Ministries. Good idea; somebody should do that.

Finally, my persistence paid off. I figured out that “somebody” would have to be me. Fortunately, I had already begun working with the Creation Justice Movement’s Communications Team. And they agreed to support Somebody, namely me.

It makes sense—I have the skill set, honed over 30+ years as a curriculum editor and new product developer at The United Methodist Publishing House. I also have a passion around creation justice and educating others around those issues, brought into focus through my EarthKeepers experience. And then the fact that I am retired means I have the time. I also have a great husband, Ed, who has helped with my many IT questions for getting the mailings out and a friend, Tim, who was willing to create this website.

So now you have access to a monthly series of Tips, including both the practical How and the theological WHY. The actions are in context of Scripture and our Wesleyan tradition. Seeing the Tips each week as part of our worship and church life is one way to help people be faithful stewards of all of creation and justice seekers for our neighbors who are bearing the brunt of the environmental degradation and injustice.

I hope you will answer the call to be “somebody” who stands up, speaks up, and steps up in your circles of influence. Spread the word. Encourage others. Somebody needs to do it!

Crys Zinkiewicz
Just one “somebody” who answered the call