Growing a Creation Justice Movement in the UMC


The Creation Justice Movement is emerging at this kairos moment to connect and support groups within the United Methodist Church and beyond for the work of creation care, justice and regeneration.


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The Global Ministries Creation Care Network is an online platform to help members of The United Methodist Church and established ministry partners put Creation Care and environmental justice values into action. 

Change begins when people unite.

Justice is realized when people act.

The United Methodist Church possesses a rich tradition of statements, writings, and resolutions affirming the vocation of all Christians to live in healthy, charitable, and just relationship with the whole of creation. Increasing numbers of United Methodists are responding to this call by taking action for ecological healing and environmental justice within local churches and communities, through our connectional system, and in partnership with ecumenical, interfaith, and public environmental movements.

At the same time, in an age of widespread social and environmental degradation threatening human and planetary wellbeing, many United Methodists are asking with renewed urgency what more we are called to do in faithfulness to God to care for creation and do justice with our neighbors. The interconnected crises of rising CO2 emissions, climate chaos, biodiversity collapse, land, water, and air pollution, and multiple forms of social inequity, including especially systemic racism, economic injustice, and intergenerational violence, require widespread change at every level of personal, social, cultural, economic, and political life today. The United Methodist Creation Justice Movement has emerged in this kairos time of urgency, crisis, and opportunity to join our many faithful responses together through the power of collective, connectional action.

This website hub has been created to build connections within and partnerships outside the United Methodist Church, to facilitate communication for the sharing of best practices and resources, to increase power through collaborative action, and ultimately to grow the number and impact of Christians engaged in ministries of creation care, renewal, and justice.

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Our blog combines monthly entries from our Creation Justice Tips along with articles and videos about creation justice from various sources. If you’d like to contribute something, contact us for more details.

February Movement Café: Could You Be an EarthKeeper Too?

February Movement Café: Could You Be an EarthKeeper Too?February 15th 2023 10am PT / 11am MT / 12pm CT / 1pm ETSponsored by the United Methodist Creation Justice Movement, the informal, virtual space of the Café facilitates conversation, connection, and community...

January Movement Café: Introduction and Launch

January Movement CaféJanuary 18th 2023 10am PT / 11am MT / 12pm CT / 1pm ETSponsored by the United Methodist Creation Justice Movement, the informal, virtual space of the Café facilitates conversation, connection, and community focused on creation care and justice...

Model Resolutions

Model Resolutions

Passing a Resolution It’s just a piece of paper—why bother?  Creating a resolution starts a conversation. The people initiating the resolution do more than talk about it. They come with conviction and passion for God’s creation. They delve into Scripture to assure...

I hope that creation care will be embraced as part of our churches’ evangelism efforts. Creation care is good news for people and good news for all life on the planet. A sustainable revival of churches is dependent on creation care.


Rev. Dr. Mark Y. A. Davies (source)