Wake Up, World!

A Curriculum on the Climate Crisis for Faith and Community Groups

A New Curriculum by Anita and Bob Dygert-Gearheart

Wake Up World, A Curriculum on the Climate Crisis for Faith and Community Groups provides an ecumenical tool for education and motivation of the adult laity of faith groups, including green teams. Using it is an opportunity to bring your group together, move members to a common understanding, and motivate meaningful action.  

As the developers, we believe that, as people better understand the existential crisis of these times, many will want to take actions that will impact and avert the worst consequences of the climate crisis. Social change research has shown that creating grassroots understanding and action is critical to success. This curriculum is an attempt to aid in that creation. Faith groups represent a large part of humanity; often have adult study programs, places to meet, people who can talk to and learn from one another; and spiritual teachings that call for the care of creation and for justice.

The curriculum is introductory in nature. Given the complexity and interrelatedness of many environmental and social problems, as well as the complexity of the physical world, we have tried to simplify for a broad understanding of the situation. We hope participants will find what awakens their hearts and go on to learn more and join others in action.

Each class includes learning objectives, videos, opportunities for discussion and sharing, and concludes with creation care tips.
Facilitators for this curriculum need no expertise in climate science. All materials are provided. Each class can be conducted in 1 to 2 hours, depending on the amount of study and preview between classes.

Bob and Anita Dygert-Gearheart have retired from pastoral ministry and social work, respectively, and as UM EarthKeepers have found a new passion and ministry helping the world wake up.