"All the Earth Belongs to God"

By Amanda Udis-Kessler

“All the Earth Belongs to God” 

By Amanda Udis-Kessler

 All the Earth belongs to God so we must love the Earth.
All the Earth belongs to God so we must tend the Earth
for all God’s creatures to enjoy. We must repair and not destroy.
All the Earth belongs to God so we must save the Earth.

Every creature is God’s own so we must love each one.
Only when the world is whole will love’s whole will be done.
Until that day we turn our hands to sacred work that love demands,
Joining in the holy care that others have begun.

Earth itself cries out in pain and suffering abounds:
Floods and fires, heat and cold: the land is burned and drowned.
We must act now. We cannot wait. There’s still a chance it’s not too late.
May we do our part to save the water, air and ground.

Now we heed the prophets’ call: an end to fear and greed.
Now we seek to make a change so all have what they need
In safety and abundant love. The earth is God’s and there’s enough.
Now we live in faith and trust and sow a healing seed.


“All the Earth Belongs to God” is written for the 2022 Sacred Season for Climate Justice.