Called Together (A Call to Worship)

By Allyson Sawtell 

Called Together (A Call to Worship)

We are called together to create. To celebrate. To flow through darkness and light. 

To proclaim something—hope, joy? 

To grieve. To confess. To listen. To give voice. 

To hear again God’s call to bring forth a new Creation.

And to do the work.

All are welcome here. 

Some of us, sometimes, may not wish to stay long. 

Some of us, sometimes, may wish to keep our eyes closed. 

All we can say to each other is “Welcome” and “Let’s get to work.” 

       And “You are not alone.” 

       And “You are stardust.” 

Reaching back through time, reaching out through space, there is healing that happens, 

      through the gentle touch of starlight, 

      the caress of tender darkness, 

      the embrace of a bending universe. 

There is healing that takes place. 

All this is why and how and where we gather. 

And who we are. 

And we move through the worship that is our life, 

      in the sure and certain knowledge that we are stardust and to stardust we shall return. 

And in between, we get to love and be loved. To create and be created. 

We are ancient. We are new. We are not alone. 

We have gathered. 

Today. And always.