November Tips

  1. In Luke 18:1-8, Jesus tells the parable of the widow and the unjust judge. The judge “who neither feared God nor had respect for people,” finally relented because of the widow’s persistence in asking for justice. She didn’t give up, and neither should we! Continue bringing injustice to God’s planet and people to the attention of the powers that be.  

  2. Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends. They too will be missing being with you. Find ways to connect without emissions. Try a gathering via Zoom with all your usual celebrants. Planning ahead gives everyone a boost knowing that the day is coming. Sure, it’s not the same. But it’s possible. And uplifting! (Consider setting a less traditional time to avoid an internet rush.)

  3. Scan your lists of friends and family for ones who are alone due to COVID. During the holiday season, reach out. You can Zoom, do Facetime, create a video, send an email or card, write a note, or make a phone call, minimizing emissions. If you have been doing a gratitude list, you may have awakened to a new sense of the blessing those individuals have been to you. Now is a good time to express your thanks to them. 

  4. Most actions taken on behalf of God’s creation are helpful, but some have more impact than others. One of the biggest categories is food. Become aware of food waste and reduce it, take up composting, choose less or no meat, buy locally and in season. Everyone needs to eat; everyone can contribute to the efforts to cut down the waste that goes to landfills. 

  5. You’ve heard “a watched pot never boils.” If you put a lid on it, the water will boil faster and cut down on not only your wait time but also on wasted energy. Additionally, you can start some of the water boiling on the stove and put the rest in the microwave to heat and then combine. That trick cuts down on energy expense, as well.

  6. One couple got permission to plant three trees in their condo’s common ground. They watered the new plantings regularly. Other residents would stop by to watch and chat. That gave the couple an opportunity to tell their neighbors why planting and caring for trees is important for the planet and people. The time to plant trees is October through March. The time to talk to others about what you value is now.

  7. The restrictions of COVID may have sent you to the attic, albums, or wherever old photos are put away. Pull out a photo that would have meaning for someone else, as well as yourself. Transform it into a homemade card with a note, or send it digitally as is with a message about the memory you’ve cherished. Your Reuse will also renew a relationship.

  8. When you talk, don’t double down on statistics or guilt. Live what you value. What you practice speaks volumes to others. If you recycle, choose durable over single-use, consistently avoid food waste and/or compost, plant trees or native plants for pollinators, and so on, people notice, and people ask. Then you can share why you do it and the benefits you experience. And people listen.

  9. What’s your toilet tissue made of? Trees! Globally, making toilet paper wipes out 27,000 trees daily. Fortunately, you have other options: tissue made of 50–100% recycled paper or bamboo! Browse “sustainable toilet paper” to get the scoop.

  10. Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday are part of our culture of relentless advertising and over consumption, which fills our landfills. Be thoughtful about what you buy and from whom. Discern wants versus needs. Look for environmentally focused companies with ethical practices. Consider packaging, durability, and sustainability in the products you choose.