What do people in the pews need to address creation justice? Information, ideas, and inspiration to take action!

Through these brief Tips, you can give them the basics of what the issues are, why Christians should care, and how they can respond to make a difference for all of God’s Creation.

Choose any or all of the Tips. Cut-and-paste to put them in your worship bulletin, your newsletters, your social media, your website, your bulletin boards or monitors. Or save them for a 10 Tips special. The choice is yours.

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  1. Creation Justice Tip: Jesus told the story of one who crossed a social boundary to help a “neighbor.” Today, we are called to care for our neighbors of the future, which means shifting our thinking to cross the boundary of time and swinging into action now on behalf of all Creation. Our children, grandchildren, and their children count on us to be faithful with our Earth.

  2. Creation Justice Tip: The #1 contributor to climate change is the drastic increase in the last 150 years in greenhouse gas emissions (especially carbon dioxide—CO2) from the burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas) for electricity, transportation, and heat. Use and advocate for alternative energy sources.

  3. Creation Justice Tip: Have you ever thought of Recycle as a spiritual practice? Reduce is a spiritual practice too. (Do I need this? Is it harmful in any way?) Reuse also challenges us spiritually. God is a creator. How can I be a “waster”? (What creative ways can I find to give something a second life?) Reduce, reuse, recycle—John Wesley would be proud of you.

  4. Creation Justice Tip: Try a new lens—one that scans for single-use plastic in your life. For maybe a week, become hyper-aware of plastic bags, excess packaging, water bottles, disposable cutlery, straws, cups that litter our lives before they stay in landfills or oceans for eons. Challenge your family, a friend, or your Sunday school class to watch and report. Then decide what you can do.

  5. Creation Justice Tip: WE CAN plant more trees so they can pull down carbon from the atmosphere, provide habitat and food for birds and other pollinators, and give shade in the summer and sun in the winter lowering the use of fossil fuel energy.

  6. Creation Justice Tip: Stop throwing away your single-use paper napkins. Instead, use cloth ones and simply throw them in the wash with another load. Find some distinctive napkin rings to mark each person’s and reuse the napkins a day or two before washing. If you visit garage sales, you can likely rescue napkins and rings from being trashed.

  7. Creation Justice Tip: According the 2019 U.N. Report on Climate Change, what we eat matters. Current food choices cause 25–30% of greenhouse gas emissions. Meat, especially beef, is the single food with the greatest impact. Choose more of your food from grains, fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

  8. Creation Justice Tip: Other churches, including West End UMC (Nashville), serve meals on real plates with silverware, cups and glasses, and compostable napkins. They’ve made a commitment to washing and reusing dinnerware rather throwing away “convenient” plastic items that pile up in landfills.

  9. Creation Justice Tip: Those who have the power to address climate change are more likely to respond when they perceive the demand for action has grown in the electorate. Stand up! Speak up! Step up! Write, call, organize, sign petitions, encourage your friends and congregation to be more vocal, use your social media, vote. Reclaim your power! Build undeniable momentum.

  10. Creation Justice Tip: WE CAN comment to businesses and corporations, urging them to find ways to be better stewards or thanking them for their obvious choices to do Earth some good.