December News


As Advent begins in the church, in the Midwest over 37,500+ people are following the daily trek of a young moose making his way through birch forests and harvested fields back to his kin and homelands in northern Minnesota or Canada. Rutt—named after a character in the movie Brother Bear—crossed the Iowa-Minnesota border weeks ago, and after braving I-94, as of this writing he has been seen near Bagley, Minnesota. Brenda Johnson, who created and administers the Facebook group, “Central MN Moose on the Loose,” shares her enthusiasm that “he might make it home and meet some other moose in time for Christmas!” Images of furry toy moose wearing Santa caps near fireplaces hung with stockings are also showing up on the site.  Following Rutt has brought “the wild” into our Advent season, even if our hopes for him sound like a cozy Christmas special. But how we ache to know he finally finds home and community!

So how might wildness be showing up for you in Advent? This month, we reflect together on what “re-wilding Advent” might mean for us, our faith communities, our beloved United Methodist Church, and God’s beloved planet. Whose wildness is trekking through our lives? Where are hearty seeds rooting and new sprouts of possibility emerging? From the Gospel stories of Jesus’ birth, we imagine dusty sheep showing up, birds nesting in the rafters, and cows, donkeys, and camels breathing nearby too. But can our imaginations expand more widely and wildly…like desert seeds brought in clinging to fur and cloth, then gestating in the holy darkness of soil and shadows? In our current time, where can we see energies of creation-kin and justice emerging? This Advent, be on the lookout for wildness. Rise up, earthkeepers and follow!


Rev. Nancy Victorin-Vangerud

Minnesota Hopeful Earthkeeper

Abiding in Dakota Land

Garden tender and urban forager