So, the Columbia School of Journalism holds an event to lay out the road ahead for journalism in this Ecological Crisis time.

Will the church also awaken to a similar calling, where we make sure the Biblical message of Creation, rebellion, Redemption, and Restoration are heard without equivocation or doubt about the clarity of this word for the task of seeking the REPENTANCE of humankind (“Us”, “We”, “The modern industrialized, technological civilization) ?

This has everything to do with Salvation. Some will argue with this. But , for me, to claim otherwise is to fall prey to the vestiges of gnosticism. We are not “disembodied spirits” ready to “leave this earth” for a “Kingdom not of this world” as in a non-physical, “spiritual” only realm, but are creatures, whom God created and “placed in the garden to till and to keep”.(Genesis 2:15).

To “serve and protect” is an oft-proffered translation by Old Testament scholars. “To work it and take care of it” is one that is in the nearest print Bible I could see in my immediate area (an old leather NIV I used when I was in my 20’s). It is our “original call” that immediately preceded our “original sin” (whatever you conceive that to be, there was a basic, root rebellion where humankind decided to go out on our own and “be as God”).

That neglect of the awareness of our interdependence as creatures in a life-giving and sustaining ecosystem, is the “basic” and “original” sin in this narrative of “Creation gone awry” (or , more accurately, “Creatures gone awry”…as it is we humans, as far as we know, who are the only ones gifted with the “blessing” of conscious awareness such as to understand this, and to have the agency to be obedient to it or to “go our own way”).