What do people in the pews need to address creation justice? Information, ideas, and inspiration to take action!

Through these brief Tips, you can give them the basics of what the issues are, why Christians should care, and how they can respond to make a difference for all of God’s Creation.

Choose any or all of the Tips. Cut-and-paste to put them in your worship bulletin, your newsletters, your social media, your website, your bulletin boards or monitors. Or save them for a 10 Tips special. The choice is yours.

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1. You may be able to weather some of the effects of climate change, but what about people who have fewer resources? Who is your neighbor? Jesus challenges us to care about climate justice as well as climate change.

2. We may love them, but cars emit carbon dioxide, polluting the air and contributing to climate change. Become mindful. (Must I drive everywhere every time?) Try alternatives—carpool, combine trips, use public transit, walk, bike.

3. Meetings are essential to businesses and churches, but travel by car or plane contributes to the overload of carbon threatening us all. Smart businesses and churches cut their environmental impact through technologies that bring people face to face digitally, saving money, time, and the earth. Start teleconferencing.

4. Commit to facts and acts, learning and doing all you can wherever you can for the sake of all God’s creation. 

5. Engage the children in your life in nature activities that create a sense of wonder. Together, grow something—a flower from a seed in the garden or even in a window, a tomato plant or cucumber on the deck, a pumpkin vine. Talk about the delight you feel in God’s creation. You’ll be planting seeds of caring in the younger generation.

6. Buy green! Use your dollars to support businesses with products and practices that promote the well-being of the planet.

7. Compost so that food scraps that would have gone into a landfill go instead to fill the land with nutrients. Composting options are available, including indoors or compost pickup companies, as well as in your yard. Search online for how-tos. 

8. Does your congregation’s Sunday morning gathering time include coffee? One church had a mug-decorating party. Using permanent markers, everyone individualized a mug for themselves and for guests. At “mugs and hugs” time, no one needed to use Styrofoam or plastic-coated paper cups. Washing mugs simply became another opportunity for fellowship.

9. Plastic bottles or aluminum cans? Does it matter which you choose? Yes! Technically, both are recyclable. However, due to multiple factors beyond putting it in the recycling bin, plastic is less likely to be made into new products. On the other hand, the systems for recycling aluminum are much more effective. Choose aluminum whenever you can.

10. Take to heart John Wesley’s Rules for Christian Living in relationship to caring for creation: “Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the places you can, in all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can!”