Annual Conference Creation Justice Connections

Annual Conferences are a foundational part of the structure of the United Methodist Church. These connectional bodies can also be places where we take creation justice action together. Below is an incomplete list of Annual Conference Creation Justice related teams. 

Please contact us if you would like your annual conference team listed or the information updated.

Annual Conference Resources

The UM Creation Justice Movement has formed an Annual Conference Organizing Team to help foster initiatives at the Conference level. Below you’ll find resources that are emerging from the UM Creation Justice Movement that we hope will support you in joining, supporting or starting efforts in your home conference.

UMC Annual Conference Organizing Workshops

The UM Creation Justice Movement offered this series of seven online workshops focused on building and strengthening Conference-level Creation Care ministries and teams in 2021-2022.

View the recordings here.

Creation Justice Conference Resolution Collection


Here are examples of Creation Justice-centered Annual Conference resolutions for ideas and inspiration.

See the collection here

Annual Conference Stories


Here you will find stories from Conferences highlighting successes, obstacles, ideas, and plans. Look here for inspiration and advice for your conference’s initiatives.

July 2022 Updates from Annual Conferences

July 2022 Updates from Annual Conferences

Here are some Creation Justice updates from Annual Conferences across the US. Pacific Northwest The Pacific Northwest Conference June 8, 2022 focus session included a discussion recommending passage of Creation Justice related legislation developed by Global...

2022 Annual Conference Updates

2022 Annual Conference Updates

Baltimore-Washington Annual Conference Creation Care Social Action Team Environmental Justice Webinar North Carolina Annual Conference Easter and Earth Day Environmental, Racial, and Community Justice Virginia Annual Conference Green Church Initiative 3.0 Green Church...

Interested in starting a Creation Justice team in your annual conference? Have one already but could use some inspiration? We’ve posed questions to several Creation Justice leaders across the connection and captured their answers and this growing Q&A document. Share your own Annual Conference Action stories here in this Discussion Forum.